Collaborative Funding

About the New Mexico Impact Investing Collaborative

The New Mexico Impact Investing Collaborative (NMIIC) is a foundation-driven funder collaborative designed to catalyze and scale impact investing throughout the state of New Mexico. The mission of the collaborative is to create healthy, equitable, sustainable, and economically vibrant communities within New Mexico by facilitating and increasing the supply and effective deployment of impact investing capital. *

In doing so, NMIIC hopes to achieve the following:

  • Create alignment and efficiency in the marketplace to increase the volume and reduce the execution costs of high-impact investments in New Mexico.

  • Foster collaboration to support opportunities requiring broader access to integrated capital and expertise to succeed.

  • Reduce barriers to entry by supporting educational and training opportunities for both investors and investees.

Members can also be investors who are not currently active but interested in learning, field building and/or ways to complement their grantmaking activities with impact investing. Foundations and impact investors participating in investment collaboration through NMIIC retain their own decision-making autonomy while leveraging NMIIC’s shared deal pipeline, process, and learning.

Current Members include:

  • Albuquerque Community Foundation,

  • Anchorum St. Vincent,

  • Dragonhorse FLP,

  • Hai Fund,

  • Jessica’s Love Foundation,

  • LANL Foundation,

  • McCune Charitable Foundation,

  • Santa Fe Community Foundation,

  • Thornburg Foundation,

  • W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Core Activities:

Impact Investment including shared pipeline and deal flow, due diligence and resource supporting best practice impact investment execution.

Education and Learning Opportunities to develop local practitioners and institutional impact investment capacity.

*Impact investing is defined as investing into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. Impact investmentscan be structured in any asset class and with any risk-adjusted expected financial return. These investments can help to sustain and scale innovation across a range of sectors and risk/return profiles as well as high performing community-based initiatives. Impact Investments can include both philanthropic Program-Related Investments (“PRIs”) and Mission-Related Investments (“MRIs”).


About the New Mexico Collaborative Zone Grant

The New Mexico Collaborative Zone Grant (“Zone Grant”) is co-designed as a multi-sector platform to test, prove, and propagate collaborative approaches to social challenges in New Mexico. As these challenges are beyond the scope of any single organization or foundation, this project is developing into success collaboratively, creating new community-based approaches to solving New Mexico’s greatest challenges.

The Zone Grant opportunity includes awarding of a one-year planning grant followed by the potential for two years of implementation funding. Zone Grants support alignment, collaboration, and integration in the New Mexico nonprofit sector by providing funding and technical support to groups of organizations seeking to truly test the effectiveness of their collaboration.

A “Zone” can be thought of as a distinct area of alignment among the collaborating organizations. It can be a geographic (e.g., the South Valley in Bernalillo County or rural southeast New Mexico), programmatic, and/or policy (e.g., early childhood education or family economic security) zone. Cohorts are determined through a “framing question” based RFP process.

Current Cohort:

The Zone Grant received 62 applicants during an open call RFP in fall of 2018. Since January 2019, funders have awarded one-year planning grants to over 14 collaboratives (comprised of more than 75 organizations), dedicated to one of five areas: affordable housing, agriculture, energy transition, direct service to policy change and family asset building. A total of 8 multiyear implementation grants were awarded in the fall of 2019. Participating funders have collectively committed over $1.5 million in grant dollars for zone grant opportunities.

The 8 current implementation grant lead organizations are:

  • HomeWise/Santa Fe Housing Action Coalition

  • Chainbreakers Collective

  • New Mexico Immigrant Law Center/Color Theory

  • Keshet

  • Prosperity Works

  • Agriculture Implementation, Research and Education (AIRE)

  • Cruces Creatives

  • Quivira Coalition

Benefits for Participating Funders:

  • Flexible modes and levels of participation

  • Leverage in scale and scope of funding for larger impact through co-investment

  • Designed for co-learning across grantee groups and between funders and grantees

  • Space to have “uncomfortable” conversations on competitive and power dynamics

  • Help reduce programmatic funding and collaboration silos and facilitate intersectional, systemic solutions

  • Enable blended/integrated capital over time (grants, technical assistance, impact investing, etc.)