Leveraging Partnerships

The New Mexico Association of Grantmakers has adopted Leveraging Partnerships as a program focus area. This program area is still under development, but will include resources and programs that help funders leverage change through non-financial means, through their talent pool, by building cooperation or bringing attention to issues.

We will use the definition of Foundation Center, Philanthropy Classification System for key terms related to the roles of funders in this program area:

Capacity Building and Technical Assistance
To increase an organization’s sustainability and effectiveness through strategic and long-range planning, organizational assessment and development, business planning, and the use of outside consultants. Use primarily for process-oriented capacity-building that seeks to improve organizational practices.

Financial Stability
To ensure continued financial viability for organizations, especially those with low resources or serving low-resource/high need communities. Includes efforts to develop sustainable fundraising, marketing and development within organizations.

Leadership and Professional Development
Professional development of management, executives, boards, staff, and volunteers. Includes leadership development, recruiting, training, and salaries.

Network Building and Collaboration
Building structures and creating opportunities to work more closely and effectively with partners and peers, including through networking activities, physical or virtual. These may be collaborations, partnerships, alliances, meetings, travel, and other interactions with people or organizations as a way to exchange information or services, plan and prioritize, resolve conflicts, share resources, etc.

Efforts to reach out to the general public or specific groups/communities to make them aware of the organization or a specific program, event or cause funded or supported by the organization.

Policy, Advocacy and Systems Reform
To develop, promote, and transform public policies, especially involving the proposal of novel solutions to ongoing challenges encountered by political, economic and social systems and institutions, especially in the field of activity central to the mission or purpose of an organization or project.

Research and Evaluation
Efforts to discover, collect, analyze, interpret, test, document, and disseminate data, information, knowledge, and the applications of that knowledge. This includes basic and applied scientific research; studies, surveys, investigations and clinical trials in social sciences and medicine; historical research in the arts and humanities; evaluation of specific programs and initiatives; feasibility studies; institutional evaluations; and data measurement systems to assess and improve performance.