NMAG NewsDecember 2015 Reports and Resources

December 23, 2015 – 

National Center for Family Philanthropy (NCFP) releases the First National Benchmark Survey of Family Foundations. This report is the first statistically representative study of the sweeping scale and diversity of practice of American family foundations. It also provides a baseline for tracking trends in family philanthropy over time. NCFP expects to produce the study every three to four years, making it possible to compare today’s answers with those in the future to provide a better understanding of trends and changes in the field. Sign up to receive a complimentary copy of the full executive summary report, or to receive instructions for purchasing a copy of the full report when it is available in mid-November. 

Revitalizing Our Cities – How Foundations and Grantmakers Can Invest in a Better Economic Future
October 21, 2015. This webinar sponsored by Venable LLP provided an analysis and discussion of program-related investments and similar strategies to make a meaningful impact on the economic landscape. The panel addressed both legal and practical considerations for foundations, including case studies, and led a conversation on current priority areas for some of the cities at the forefront of these efforts. Watch the Recording

Benchmarking Foundation Governance (The Center for Effective Philanthropy)
This report shares data and infographics on crucial topics related to foundation governance — including composition, member expertise, structure, involvement, and characteristics of meetings. Findings are based on survey responses from CEOs at 64 private, U.S.-based foundations giving at least $10 million annually.

Case Studies in Funding Innovation (Deloitte University Press)
These five case studies in funding innovation look at the realities of what it takes for philanthropy to fund breakthrough social innovation and examine how organizations interested in nurturing innovation can better find and fund new ideas with the potential for outsized social impact.

Collaborating to See All Constituents Reach Their Full Potential: Memorandum on Research and Resources on Equity and Collective Impact (Collective Impact Forum and Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO)
Earlier in 2015, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO) and the Collective Impact Forum came together around the question of, “How can grantmakers instill an equity lens within their collaborative efforts?” Through research and interviews with funders and leading organizations in the equity field, GEO and the CI Forum compiled a research scan that identifies some of the major challenges organizations grapple with around advancing equity, and also discusses key focus areas that funders could support to help build their grantees’ capacity to address and reduce inequities.

Equity in Our Work and World: What Are We Doing About It?
Anne Yoon, Associate at The Giving Practice, reflects on previous discussions in philanthropy about diversity, equity, and inclusion. She argues through her five highlights that it is time for philanthropy to take on issues of inequality through inclusion and collaboration.

Discerning the True Policy Debate over Donor-Advised Funds (Urban Institute)
This brief summarizes discussion at a June 2015 Tax Policy and Charities Project session where the nation’s leading Donor Advised Fund (DAF) providers, nonprofit leaders, and policy experts sought to clarify and distinguish the policy issues and debates surrounding DAFs, as well as to lay out a research agenda for the DAF field. This brief also contains a useful summary comparison of major differences in the laws and regulations applicable to public charities providing DAFs, other public charities and private foundations. 

Case Study: Making Change by Spending Down (GrantCraft)
In September 2013, the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies (ACBP) and GrantCraft partnered to tell the story of the ACBP spend down by highlighting more than 20 voices connected with it’s spend down over a 28-month period until it closed its doors via a series of blog posts. This case study compiles the key insights and lessons learned from ACBP’s spend down process. 

Recommendations for Capital Grantmakers (Nonprofit Finance Fund & The Kresge Foundation)
This summary is written for arts funders who are looking to make smart and impactful investments. It includes tips for planning a grantmaking strategy, making the grant match the need, and ensuring that the grant is implemented successfully.

THREADS Insights from the Charitable Community (Independent Sector)
In the spring of 2015, Independent Sector partnered with more than 80 organizations to launch Threads, an intensive series of community conversations held across the country. This is a summary and analysis of the insights shared during those meetings. 

Funder Brief: Helping Vulnerable Immigrants Find Safety (Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers)
Throughout the year, ABAG and its member, Maryland Legal Services Corporation, have partnered to increase awareness and understanding of the value of civil legal aid among the members of Maryland’s philanthropic community. The latest funder brief in a four-part series is now available and looks at aid for Maryland’s immigrant population.

Issue Guide: Regulating Donor Advised Funds (Philanthropy New York)
The latest in a series of issue guides produced by Philanthropy New York focused on donor advised funds. It provides a short background on donor advised funds, the pros and cons of additional federal regulations, and additional resources for further reading.