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December 15, 2015 – 

Albuquerque Community Foundation and PNM Resources Foundation in partnership with the McCune Charitable Foundation, United Way of Central New Mexico, Sandia Foundation, Intel and Bernalillo County is launching a Common Application that will be available to statewide nonprofit organizations for completing grant proposals. For more information contact Sandy Mwei, Philanthropic Services, Albuquerque Community Foundation: Phone 505-883-6240 or email sandy@albuquerquefoundation.org.

The Lannan Foundation has announced its new event season in Santa Fe. Tickets for the first event are now on sale. Please visit their website to view the complete listings where you can also download a printable copy of the schedule.

The Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation announces that grant applications are now being accepted for educational non-profit organizations supporting Pre-K to 12th grade in the public schools. The grants are for non-profits working in Santa Fe, Rio Arriba, Taos, Sandoval, Los Alamos, Mora and San Miguel counties.  For more information see the website.

The McCune Charitable Foundation was recently awarded the Philanthropy Southwest 2015 Founders Spirit Award at their annual meeting on October 22, 2015 in Santa Fe. The McCune Charitable Foundation was recognized for its good works in helping to enrich the health, education, environmental, cultural and spiritual life of New Mexicans. The foundation is also helping to create and expand the economic base in New Mexico, and supports efforts that help families to build economic stability. Wendy Lewis, Executive Director of the McCune Foundation, accepted the award on behalf of the foundation.

The Santa Fe Boys Educational Foundation held a two day conference in Santa Fe in early November on The Psychology of Boys at Risk: Indicators from 0-5. The presentations of the two keynote speakers aroused the most interest among the attendees.
     Allan Schore of UCLA—internationally renowned for his research relating attachment outcomes to neurobiology and to psychotherapeutic interventions—kicked off the event by sharing his extensive research into infant boys’ unique vulnerabilities with insecure and disorganized attachment patterns. He provided insights into boy susceptibilities, based on their inherent slower developmental timetable. Under unfavorable family and macro-environmental conditions, these factors often underlie patterns of psychopathologies related to school failure, problems like ADHD and autism, and child and adolescent conduct disorders.
     Melissa Hines of Cambridge University described the effects of testosterone, citing her research on “CAH girls” exposed to high levels of testosterone prenatally. These girls are the “exceptions that prove the rule” with regard to the consequences of testosterone-generated behavior patterns in boys. Other researchers presented longitudinal studies such as one on the import for sons growing up in families with substance abuse problems.
     A third group spoke about cultural issues and African American, Native American, and Hispanic boys. Workshops by local and out of state scholars and practitioners offered more appreciation of a variety of boy-related subjects. In sum, the many facets of the conference furnished different and challenging perspectives about young males to the 200 service providers and university-based attendees.
     For more information contact the president of the SFB Foundation, Dr. Paul Golding, at or visit the website, santafeboys.org.

The Santa Fe Community Foundation recently released the new Santa Fe Community Baseline Report 2015 including Introduction and the Early Childhood Success Report. The Baseline Report is being jointly developed by the Santa Fe Birth to Career Collaboration (SF B2C) and the City of Santa Fe Mayor’s Children, Youth and Families Community Cabinet.

Taos Community Foundation – Elizabeth Crittenden Palacios, Taos Community Foundation Executive Director shared a very interesting article we would like to pass on to the NMAG network regarding social impact, titled “As the Role of Foundations Changes We Need to Alter Our Default Attitudes.”

United Way of Central New Mexico (UWCNM) recently held a community wide breakfast meeting on October 6, 2105. The keynote speaker was Ben Hecht, CEO of Living Cities, who addressed corporate supporters of collective impact and the work of UWCNM. Ed Rivera, President and CEO would like to share the Ben Hecht video with the NMAG network.

We are interested in news about philanthropy in New Mexico. Whether it’s a press release, an article featuring your organization or staff, or a guest post–we want to hear about it. We’ll make sure the rest of the NMAG membership hears about what you’re doing. Please send any news or updates to Cathy Frey at .