Grantmaker Resources – Reports and Publications

Philanthropy in New Mexico 2012»
Provides information on grantmaking and giving in New Mexico based on 2009-2010 data, and survey responses from New Mexico-based funders and out-of-state foundations giving in New Mexico. Also provides a comparison with 2005-2006 data.

EngAGE New Mexico: Promoting and Strengthening Grantmaking in New Mexico to Support an Aging Population»
From October, 2012, the report was commissioned by Con Alma Health Foundation and the New Mexico Association of Grantmakers (NMAG) in collaboration with Grantmakers in Aging’s EngAGEment Initiative. Initially designed as an internal report, the decision was made to release the report more broadly in order to illustrate the drastic shift and the gap between the needs of our elders and the resources available to support them in order to age with dignity and respect.

Positioning for the Possible: Investing in Education Reform in New Mexico – Full Paper»
This paper from January 2011 is designed to provoke discussion among funders and education leaders to discover ways to maximize the benefits of philanthropic investments in New Mexico. [Executive Summary]

Advancing Vulnerable Children and Families in New Mexico: A Collaborative Strategy to Improve Access to Benefits and Integrated Services – Full Paper»
From March, 2011, this paper proposes a potential collaborative strategy for the state’s philanthropic, non-profit and government leaders and communities to address New Mexico’s issues of poverty and family economic insecurity. [Executive Summary]

Civic Engagement Primer»
Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement (PACE)
This resource is designed to help philanthropies assess their civic engagement understanding and interest, and help them along their civic engagement journeys.

New Frontiers for Funding: An Introduction to Rural Aging»
Grantmakers in Aging
This introductory document will help acquaint funders, elected officials, nonprofits, government agencies, civic organizations, and residents with the possibilities for forging constructive partnerships and improving the experience of rural aging. 

Shifting Winds: Foundations Respond to a New Political Context»
The Center for Effective Philanthropy
This report reveals that the reactions and responses of U.S. foundations to the shift in national political context vary widely, but most foundations are changing their practices or shifting their emphases.

Splendid Legacy 2: Creating and Re-Creating Your Family Foundation»
National Center for Family Philanthropy
Splendid Legacy 2 is an essential guide for a family that is looking to build a philanthropic legacy, as well as for advisors and others interested in understanding this special philanthropic vehicle. 

How to Lead Collective Impact Working Groups: A Comprehensive Toolkit»
This kit provides detailed tools, templates, strategic and tactical resources to help contribute to a successful initiative.

Lessons in Rapid Response: What Funders Can Learn from the Unaccompanied Children Humanitarian Situation»
Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees
This newly released brief documents best practices emerging from that response, and how key lessons learned can inform current and future efforts to address the needs of vulnerable immigrants and refugees in California and across the nation.

Turning the Tide on Persistent Rural Poverty: Blueprint for a Path Forward»
NeighborWorks America
This report found high rates of persistent poverty in rural areas, primarily Appalachia, Indian country, the Mississippi Delta, and colonias in the Rio Grande Valley. To address persistent poverty in rural areas, the report calls on business, government, and philanthropy to increase the supply of consumer banking services and partnerships with community development financial institutions in rural markets.

Community Engagement Toolkit»
Collective Impact Forum
The Community Engagement Toolkit share a series of tools for planning community engagement to be more purposeful, equitable, transparent, and strategic so that community members are true partners for achieving impact.

Creative Places & Businesses: Catalyzing Growth in Communities»
Calvert Foundation and Upstart Co-Lab
A focus on providing impact investments in the creative economy could help stabilize vulnerable communities and attract quality jobs to struggling regions of the country according to this new report.

Looking for Progress in America’s Smaller Legacy Cities: A Report for Place-based Funders»
Funders’ Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities and Federal Reserve Banks of Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, and New York
This paper presents data about the role of place-based funders in connecting economic growth to economic opportunity, specifically in small legacy cities throughout the country.

Uniform Champions: A Wise Giver’s Guide to Excellent Assistance for Veterans»
Philanthropy Roundtable
This new guidebook looks at assistance for veterans by the most successful funders in this area, and what they’ve learned, through real-life experience, about the best ways to boost men and women entering civilian life after military service.