Past EventTransgender 101

Did you know that transgender folks are twice as likely to experience homelessness as the general population? We are also three times as likely to experience unemployment. For transgender people of color that goes up to a staggering four times! Transgender people experience discrimination and even physical violence on a consistent basis. Transgender 101 will be an introduction to transgender people, our lives and issues. Transgender people are not known and understood by others, and our training is meant to address this lack of information and experience.  Adrien Lawyer, Co-Director of the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico, provides basic training including a chance to engage in dialogue and have your questions answered directly. Our objective is to personalize transgender folks and to increase visibility and awareness while decreasing the discrimination, fear, hostility and violence that is routinely directed toward members of our population. We also encourage our audiences to examine their own gender identity and the cultural norms and expectations we hold surrounding gender and sexuality.

Presenter, Adrien Lawyer, is co-director and co-founder of the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico. Adrien also has a long history of activism in the LGBT community. In his capacity as Co-Director he sits on many various task forces, including groups that are suggesting policy to Albuquerque Public Schools regarding transgender students and staff and ACLU’s All Families Matter coalition to name but a few. Mr. Lawyer has provided transgender cultural humility training all over the state and several locations around the United States. He is a transgender man, a spouse and a father and is working for equality and accessible resources for the entire transgender community.

This event is hosted by the Santa Fe Community Foundation’s Envision Fund.