Past EventA Gathering for Building an Environmental Public Health Network in New Mexico

Sponsored in part by The Con Alma Foundation and the Fund to Protect New Mexico’s Air Water & Federal Public Lands

We are working to build a network of environmental and public health advocates across New Mexico.  Our focus is to strengthen advocacy for environmental policies that impact public health.  The network will bring knowledgeable public health voices into the policy conversations at the state level.  Our gathering is designed as an opportunity to strengthen the network, better understand the urgency for environmental public health advocacy and discuss how we add public health voices in environmental debates.

Information about environmental conditions can be hard to access for a variety of reasons. The linkage between environmental conditions and human health effects can also be obscured.  Often research in law and agency rule making is needed to understand what policy actions should be taken.   As environmental laws and regulations are evaluated for their usefulness, it is more important than ever that the public health community talk directly to policy makers, decision leaders, and the general public about actions necessary to protect environmental public health.  As a network, we can advocate for appropriate policy in this area. 

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